To love and be loved is a human need, but what happens when the one you love dies, or is a fraud, a scammer who only wants your money?
Being in love is a wonderful feeling, but it is devastating to lose the one we love.
Author, educator and musician, Shelby Wagner, has experienced both losses. Devastated at the loss of her husband of fifty years, she was catapulted into the unknown, broken, and unsure of herself and her survival.
New beginnings do not come easy, but Wagner struggled and learned to accept what had happened, and to assess her future. She began learning to line dance, to play new card games, and to make new friends. Deciding she did not like to live alone she subscribed to an internet dating website and became the “darling” of the internet, she thought as she sifted through countless messages from eligible candidates. She soon relished her full social life for she was no longer lonely. However, she was also to become the victim of a romance scammer. Angry with herself and humiliated when family learned what had happened, she decided to share her personal stories of loss in her newly released resource for late-in-life singles, “Learning to Dance in the Rain II.”
Anyone purchasing her book is in for a treat because Shelby’s book is captivating, and filled with vital information which will help them in these ways:
  • Navigate grief, heal and return to a life of well-being.
  • Manage those negative thoughts that keep them sad and depressed.
  • Improve their attitude, gain more self-esteem and more self-confidence.
  • Reassess their options and develop fun and fulfilling new lifestyle.
  • Make better decisions so that they stay safe emotionally, physically, and financially.
  • Have a fun and successful internet dating experience.
  • Spot and avoid scammers (criminals) before losing their shirt (money) or heart!
“Don’t give up!” says Shelby. “Instead, get your copy here and join Shelby’s mission in spreading this vital information so we can end the tragedies these criminals are causing to lonely and vulnerable Americans. Over $1B has been lost in the last five years to these criminals, and I say, ‘Stop feeding the animals, I mean criminals!’ for ‘The inheritance you save may be your own!’”