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Self-Growth For Busy People

Scientists now know your brain can repair damaged regions, grow new neurons, have a region assume new tasks and change the circuits of the brain that allow you to remember, feel, think, imagine and dream. These things are not set in stone and once you know how the process works Your possibilities for positive change are literally unlimited.

It has been measured that your brain devotes more neural "real estate" to functions you use more often and it does this by stealing the space devoted to activities you rarely perform. For example, if you play the piano a lot, the part of your brain that allows you to skillfully move your fingers will become larger and you will play better, or if you play video games all day, the parts of your brain involved in playing video games will grab more real estate in the brain.

This Gets Even Better!

The changes your brain naturally makes isn't confined to physical input or how you move your body. Your thoughts alone can change your brain. In fact, we now know that any regular practice - whether it's a behavior or something internal like mental rehearsal, visualization, meditation, etc. changes the brain. The part of the brain devoted to what you practice - hitting a golf ball, learning a new language, learning math or feeling something like happiness, empathy or forgiveness quickly takes over surrounding areas of the brain. When you pay attention to something and practice it physically or mentally, you get good at it - whether it's a physical skill, emotional skill or even a spiritual skill.

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How Can You Increase Your Mental And Emotional Capacity To Keep Up With Today's Pace?

Once scientists realized the value of eastern meditation, they developed sophisticated equipment and started studying and observing brain wave activity, it was discovered that brain waves synchronize with the rhythm and frequency of sound.  Now, we can decide which Neuro pathways we want to exercise.

Certain forms of music can affect your mood because your mind synchronizes with the rhythm or beat of the music. Played in the right combinations sounds can stimulate deep relaxation and open up the mind to all sorts of incredible possibilities.

At Precision Meditation, we take self-improvement to a whole new level.

Our recordings include special music, positive affirmations and special sounds that exercise specific Neuro pathways and it all happens while you are in a deep meditation.  With proper Neuro exercise you can improve IQ, intelligence, ability to focus, increasing stress tolerance or sound sleep..

But the REAL POWER behind Precision Meditation is....

The Power and Potency of Sounds!

The proprietary technology we use is called Precision Meditation, because it helps you achieve a desired meditative state as your mind naturally synchronizes with the sound you hear. This process is as natural as tapping your foot when you hear rhythmic music.

Here's How It Works!

First, Precision Meditation stimulates the brain but, it isn't just any stimulation. It is holistic in that it not only exercises the desired area of the brain, but it also exercises all areas the same as in traditional meditation. It's a stimulation that causes the two sides of the brain to become more synchronized, more balanced.

  • This creates what scientists call "whole brain thinking", with new intelligence, perspectives, and focus and an increased ability of creative thinking, higher intelligence and spiritual awareness.

  • This is why focus and concentration increase when people listen to Precision Meditation. This is why problem solving ability increases. This is why creativity and learning increase.

  • It is also why positive emotions increase and negative emotions fall away.

With Precision Meditation your brain is practicing making alpha waves, so it becomes more skilled at doing it. More alpha waves mean:

  • faster learning,

  • greater ability to focus,

  • more joy,

  • more happiness and

  • more inner peace.

You are also learning to make more theta waves when you listen to Precision Meditation,

  • which means more creativity,

  • a greater ability to bond with others and

  • a greater ability to experience how you fit into the universe and

  • how it all goes together.

Finally, your brain is learning to make more delta waves.

  • This leads to deep spiritual experience.

  • It is also the brainwave pattern of incredible persuasiveness.

    You Will Mentally Stand Head And Shoulders Above Your Peers, Almost Without Effort!

    While your brain is practicing these positive emotional states and increased mental abilities, the deep physical rest achieved enhances the mind body connection.  This prompts the brain to make greater amounts of many incredibly beneficial Neuro chemicals that extend life, creates pleasurable feelings and improves your health.

    The more brain real estate that is devoted to life giving, life enhancing abilities, the better you feel and function. An added benefit is the less real estate will be available for creating negative feelings and the harmful brain chemicals associated with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear and other dysfunctional states.

    This technology has been used for more than 20 years and people routinely change from unhappy to happy, dysfunctional to highly functional, anxious to peaceful.

    Meditation works - the research is very compelling and growing every day. But, meditating with Precision Meditation is faster, more reliable and it really does allow you to meditate like a Zen monk the first time and every time you use it.

With precision meditation you are able to exercise specific parts of the brain and also relax into a deep meditative state at the same time.  For example, depressed people have a different brainwave pattern than others.  By exercising the proper part of the brain it will start devoting more brain real estate to the area that is lacking.  It works just like learning to play the piano, when we practice we get better at it.

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It was also learned that geniuses have different brainwave patterns and scientists learned to exercise that part of the brain with sound and studies indicate I Q is increased and average of 25% in a short time.

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Super athletes have learned to "get into the zone" creating a different brainwave pattern.  With Precision Meditation you can learn to duplicate that pattern and increase your focus and be able to get into the zone regardless of what you happen to be doing at the time.

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Listening to the proper sound you can train your brain to relax and you will go to sleep within 10 minutes  and stay asleep every time you decide to get some shut eye. 

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Research by Harvard Medical School, The National Institute Of Health, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, Oxford and Cambridge Universities all verify that meditation will decrease blood pressure.

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You can develop your 21st century coping abilities just by doing mind exercises that are as easy as relaxing in your easy chair. The really amazing thing is you can think about any thing you like during the process, but if you visualize what you desire, it is a very powerful.

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Now you can meditate like a Zen master the very first time you listen to the proper sound. You don't need to wait 20 or 30 years to get the benefits of meditation like increased awareness, increased IQ, more creativity, increased focus, greater stress tolerance etc., you can have them now! This is tried and proven technology that has been used by 100's of thousands of people from around the world.


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